The Coolidge Effect

stickman_giving_red_heart_pc_1600_wht_1676Named after President Coolidge. During a visit to a farm the President and his wife were shown a cockerel and some hens.

They were told they mated several times a day. The President’s wife said “tell that to Mr Coolidge“. Her husband asked if it was always the same hen and was told that it wasn’t. “Tell that to Mrs Coolidge” was the President’s reply.

Now researchers at the Universities of Stirling and Glasgow have shown that the preference for a variety of women could be innate in men.

Participants, 65 male and 83 female, were asked to rate photographs of 5 men and 5 women for attractiveness.

They were then showed the photos again but this time mixed in with some new ones.

The women rated the men they had seen before higher the second time round. The men however rated the women they had seen before lower.

The researchers said, in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, “Men found female faces they had already seen less attractive and less sexy especially for short-term relationships”.

So if men are biologically programmed to have multiple mates they may choose them just for novelty rather than enhanced femininity.


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