Choose your cutlery carefully

whats_for_dinner_1600_wht_11336Scientists at Oxford University have been investigating the ways in which cutlery affects taste.

If you want yoghurt to taste expensive eat it from a lighter spoon; if you want it to taste sweet paint the spoon white – unless the yoghurt is pink.

Confused? Well so are your senses.

Black spoons make yoghurt taste cheaper; blue spoons make it taste saltier.

If you’re tasting cheese eat from the knife. Drinks from cold-coloured glasses are more refreshing and sea-food is tastier if you can hear the sea.

Strawberry mousse is more intense when eaten from a white plate (in fact all desserts taste sweeter on a white plate than a black plate).

But, according to Professor Charles Spence, Professor of experimental psychology at Oxford, the colour of food is the strongest indicator of taste eg red indicates sweetness. So when you contrast it with different coloured cutlery or plates it makes the colour look different.

And the NHS should make note of such findings. malnourished patients in hospitals may be given different food indicated by being served on red plates. Unfortunately, says Professor Spence, research shows that the colour red inhibits eating!

The experiment was published in Flavour and reported in The Times


4 thoughts on “Choose your cutlery carefully

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