Men’s Preferences for Women are Strategic

couple_slow_dancing_music_500_wht_6965Men’s preferences for good-looking women depend on whether or not they are looking to have a fling or find a long-term partner.

It also depends on how they rate their own looks.

White males find more feminine faces prettier and this is exaggerated when men in a relationship are considering who to choose for a fling.

It is also true of men who considered themselves more attractive.

Psychologists at the University of Stirling carried out experiments with almost 400 heterosexual males to discover their preferences using facial images of women which had been altered to make them more or less feminine-looking.

It could be that male choosiness when considering a fling is about making the risk of being discovered worthwhile or that other factors such as fidelity and mothering skills come into play when looking for a life partner.

These results, published in The British Journal of Psychology, mirror the findings for women who prefer more masculine-looking men when looking for a short-term relationship.


One thought on “Men’s Preferences for Women are Strategic

  1. […] So if men are biologically programmed to have multiple mates they may choose them just for novelty rather than enhanced femininity. […]

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