How modern life is making us ANGRY: Waiting to see the doctor, traffic jams and crowded buses make us see red mist

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Modern day life is satisfying our basic needs but in turn is making us angrier, claims a leading psychologist.

Dr Sandi Mann from the University of Central Lancashire said that the aggression we once needed for survival, and which is ‘hard-wired’ into our brains, can ‘misfire’ when it doesn’t have a purpose.

This leads us to lash out and rage about relatively inconsequential and trivial events such as waiting to see a doctor, computers crashing and traffic.

Workplace overreactionsThe absence of genuinely life-threatening events means that trivial events often trigger violent overreactions. This is because our brains are evolutionarily wired to get angry but as we no longer have large-scale events to channel our anger into, our brains misfire and direct it at trivial situations

Dr Mann wrote in the July issue of Reader’s Digest that anger which was once key to our everyday survival has become ‘targeted at trivial annoyances.’


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