Overprotective parents and teachers ‘ruining children’s play’ because of risk-averse lifestyles

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Children’s play is at risk from adults whio ‘over-supervise’ and ‘over-schedule’ a reports saysChildren’s play is under threat from adults who ‘over-supervise’ and ‘over-schedule’, a report says.

It says youngsters cannot develop normally and are ‘play deprived’ because of our risk-averse, regimented lifestyles.This means many lack vital skills such as resourcefulness, independence or self-regulation.

The research, discussed on EU ‘play day’ at the European Parliament yesterday, is the work of Dr David Whitebread, a senior lecturer in psychology of education at Cambridge University.

He consulted researchers from across Europe and found children’s leisure time is cut down by too much school work, safety fears, and lack of understanding of the impact of free play.His report, The Importance of Play, warns ‘play provision is under threat in Europe’ and adult intervention is often ‘counter-productive’.

It says the UK in particular is ‘quite risk-averse’, with children ‘heavily supervised’ and forced to…

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2 thoughts on “Overprotective parents and teachers ‘ruining children’s play’ because of risk-averse lifestyles

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