Middle-age Obesity & Dementia

stick_figure_overweight_scale_1600_wht_3853Obesity in middle-age has been linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s  in old age.

Health experts agree that dementia levels, which have been rising since the 1980s, will continue to increase as we all get older, as it’s a disease of old age.

But increasing levels of obesity are putting more people at risk and individuals who are obese in their 40s and 50s have twice the risk of getting dementia in their 70s.

Research carried out at the French medical institute – Inserm, found that obesity had an increasingly negative impact on tests of memory and reasoning.

We still don’t know enough to identify the reasons eg it could be fat travelling round the bloodstream affecting brain tissue but most researchers agree that there is a link between obesity and dementia.

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2 thoughts on “Middle-age Obesity & Dementia

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