Inconsiderate vegetarians……………..

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I have always been a bit of a foodie and enjoy cooking dishes from all over the world.


 I am also a regular meat-eater but I am happy to eat vegetarian dishes as I believe that this enables me to eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods.

 Over the years I have entertained vegetarian guests and it is noticeable that they always remind me that they are vegetarian in advance of the meal. The implication being that they EXPECT me to make the meal completely vegetarian or cook something different for them.

 However, when I am invited to dine with them I am NEVER asked if I would like a meat dish, there is just an assumption that I will be happy to accept the limitations of their diet.


 Why is it that vegetarians expect me to cater for their peccadilloes but simply refuse to cater for mine on…

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