Men Happier than Women

happy_face_stickman_jumping_1600_wht_5882A survey commissioned  by an insurance company found that despite being less healthy than women, and feeling they don’t get enough sex men are generally happier than women.

Men are happier when it comes to salary, career prospects, and job security.They also seem happier with their bodies and with how people saw them.

But women are happier with their love lives, their health, and where they lived. They also seemed to be happier with less sex than men!

Men don’t necessarily see family life as a source of happiness although married couple tend to be significantly happier than single people across all the categories.

Older people appeared the happiest and over-55s rated themselves as more optimistic than younger people.

The success of your sports team and the weather could also affect happiness in the short term whereas money worries affected almost half of the 2,000 people surveyed.

There are no real surprises in the survey for me. For example when it comes to careers men tend to earn more (except in the early stages of their career) and women often have part-time jobs which are more at risk in a recession .

Men are notoriously bad at looking after their health whereas women are both more health conscious and worry more about their looks than most men.

The findings about older people being more optimistic , despite being grumpier, is in line with other research about happiness.


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