Does your child really have a behaviour disorder? A shocking book by a leading therapist reveals how millions of us – including children – are wrongly labelled with psychiatric problems

This is a hot topic right now and rightly so

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From depression to anxiety and ADHD, more of us now suffer from mental health problems and need pills to treat them — or so we’re told. But in this shocking indictment of modern psychiatry, JAMES DAVIES suggests that this rise in mental illness is down to the greed of drug companies and the pursuit of medical status. The author is a psychological therapist who has worked for the NHS and the mental health charity Mind.

James Davies believes that doctors are too quick to diagnose children with disorders such as ADHD


This vaulting rise in ADHD is consistent with a growth in childhood psychiatric disorders. It’s estimated up to 15 per cent of children fall under the criteria of a diagnosable mental disorder in any year.

These figures pale in comparison with those for the adult population. On the subject of ‘psychiatric morbidity’, the UK Office for National Statistics reckons…

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