Here be Drug Dealers

Spotted in a street in Burnley a couple of years ago. There was a time in America when local drug dealers hung trainers from the telephone wires to indicate their presence.

These didn’t stay up that long. Either the Council took them down or there were too many dealers and the competition got too fierce.


4 thoughts on “Here be Drug Dealers

  1. I always wondered what that was about .

  2. Wouldn’t they want to put cheapest pair up to make it look like they make little profit. Or expensive pair to look popular I think I’m over thinking this.

  3. kindadukish says:

    I understand that this practice is linked to the pagan workship that was prevalent in parts if NE Lancashire during the 15th century. The word trainer is a derivation from the name of the god “Nikedidas” who was worhsipped in these parts.

  4. […] we were told that East Lancashire scored worse for productivity, absenteeism, people on benefits, drug problems and on health […]

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