Living apart, the thoroughly modern couple

couple_sitting_together_on_bench_pc_1600_wht_1681Some of you might think living apart is the perfect answer. More excitement when you do get together perhaps?

That may be true but couples who live apart feel less able to depend on one anther in a crisis according to research at several UK universities.

The advantages of living together include a feeling of autonomy and personal space. However only a third of them said they would turn to their partner in an emergency rather seeking out a friend or family member. They also said they didn’t expect to be looked after if they became ill.

One of the researchers from Birkbeck College said; “for some people “living apart together” is a way of dealing with the messiness of intimate life today , protecting themselves, their children, and their homes. .(but) .. most people in LAT relationships have a strong sense that they are a couple.”

This is a topic I’ve posted on before (I referred to it as Living Together Apart (LTA) not Living Apart Together (LAT). This latest research refers to the carer aspect of being ill but there is also the fact that people who live alone suffer worse ill-health.


2 thoughts on “Living apart, the thoroughly modern couple

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