Urn in Ramsbottom

100-0205Tilted Vase by the sculptor Edward Allington. Located in Market Place, Ramsbottom, the Urn forms part of the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail.

While classical in shape it looks bolted together to reflect the old industries. It weighs around two tons and was funded with £250,000 of National Lottery money. On occasions local wags empty soap into the urn to create bubbles.

FYI Ramsbottom probably means Rams’ Valley  (old English) although some experts say it means wild garlic valley. I remember it being referred to as “Tup’s Arse”.

4 thoughts on “Urn in Ramsbottom

  1. kindadukish says:

    Nice photograph…………..

  2. kindadukish says:

    More tea urn……………….(sorry, couldnt resist).

  3. […] It all started when I bought my partner a screen print from Atelier Rose & Gray in Ramsbottom (just opposite the Urn). […]

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