Emotions and Weight Loss

EffWghtMgt.001A survey of 1,300 American psychologists by the Consumer Reports National Research Centre asked them how they dealt with clients’ weight and weight loss challenges.

They wanted to know what was essential and actually worked. These were the strategies most often mentioned:

  • Understanding emotional eating as a barrier to weight loss
  • Maintaining a regular exercise schedule
  • Making proper food choices in general

Psychologists who provided weight loss treatments said that gaining self-control over the behaviours and emotions related to eating was the key and nearly all of them reported helping clients by addressing underlying emotional issues related to weight gain.

Almost three-quarters of the psychologists identified cognitive therapy, problem-solving, and mindfulness as the best weight loss strategies. Cognitive therapy to help clients identify and challenge negative thinking and emotions about unhealthy behaviours, and mindfulness to allow people to let go of those thoughts and emotions without judging them and allow themselves to just be in the moment

exercising_weights_brain_1600_wht_9217Motivational strategies, behavioural records, and goal-setting were also important in helping clients lose weight and keep it off.

The survey was carried out on-line by the CRNRC with help from the American Psychological Association (APA) from where I gleaned this information.


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