Traditional Tattoos #1


So I haven’t been able to post due to a broken laptop….but it’s all fixed!
As an aspiring tattoo artist I’ve been looking into all the different school of tattoo and a personal favorite of mine has to be traditional. Like they say “theres no school like the old school!”  When you think of traditional tattoos you think, Roses, swallows, daggers,eagles and so on….so here’s some awesome art and tattoo in the traditional style:

x_56e204dcJust a few. The first electric machine (to become world recognized unlike Thomas Edison’s first idea of an engraving machine) was made by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891

o-reilly_patentVery similar to the one we use today over 100 years later…. Pretty cool! I’ll come back to tattooing machines in a later post. So like i said i favour the traditional style of tattooing and try to recreate it in my own work. This is part unfinished painting i have been working on:

2013-02-11 18-44-49.998But enough self…

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