malbec madness

I missed Malbec Day!


Confession: I don’t love Malbec. I find it gritty, rustic, and can usually find something else on a wine list or in the store that I’d rather have. But I know a lot of people drink it and today is Malbec Day, so in anticipation I went on a quest to see if I could find one I loved. I can’t say I fell head over heels, but I definitely found a few I really liked.

Plus, what I really like about it is that you can find a good one for not a lot of coin – hard to do with red wines. Most of the ones I really liked or at least would consider buying were under $20 – maybe that’s why people drink it so much! The best ones usually come from Mendoza, Argentina, but I was psyched to see a few good ones from the US. Here are…

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One thought on “malbec madness

  1. Terry Gregory says:

    I missed the day too……..better planning needed for next year. Oh, for a glass of malbec at Lolas!

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