Daycare not good for young children

reading_to_children_anim_300_wht_10048The government is planning to have 40% of all 2-year olds in daycare by next year, a doubling of the 440,000 already in it.

Swedish experience suggests that it’s not necessarily a good idea.

A sociologist, Jonas Himmelstradt, has warned MPs that toddlers under the age of three shouldn’t be in daycare.

According to a report in the Times by Social Affairs correspondent Rosemary Bennett, Sweden, once seen as a model for family policy with 95% of children aged 2 to 5 in daycare, is now seeing the results of children going into daycare too early.

Those children, now teenagers, suffer serious psychological problems such as anxiety, perform badly at school, and are unmanageable outside school being dangerously attached to their peer groups according to Himmelstrand.

He says “the Swedish Utopia is a myth“. Discipline in Swedish schools is among the worst in the OECD (developed countries).

Daycare means parents lose a grip on their responsibilities and cannot set limits. Psychological disorders have tripled since the introduction of daycare and academic results have fallen from the top of the international table to average as children became unteachable and truancy levels rocket.

In addition to getting more children into daycare the government is also planning to change the rules so that child care assistants can look after more children than at present.

If the Swedish example is anything to go by the government should think carefully about its proposals.


2 thoughts on “Daycare not good for young children

  1. Abandon TV says:

    Imagine a situation where perfect strangers were substituted for our spouses for several hours a day. Would it make any difference? Would it make us perhaps a little stressed to NOT KNOW the person who we were going to be coming home to at the end of the day, cooking and having dinner with and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie with?

    Of course it would! People are NOT interchangeable and nowhere is this more true than the family unit and especially for 2 year old children! Anyone who thinks that taking a 2 year old away from its mother and putting it in the hands of strangers for hour every day is insane …… the studies show it is hugely damaging.

    We can all accept that taking time off from our full time careers to raise a child is inevitably going to have a negative impact on that career. But try reversing that argument. Try arguing that abandoning full time child raising to go off and have a career is going to inevitably have a negative impact on that child. Contrary to the message promoted by women’s mags and daytime TV successful child rearing is 100x more complex, involved, sophisticated, difficult and IMPORTANT than achieving a successful career.

    The agenda is to destroy the family and replace parents and life partners (husbands/ wives etc) with the state and this agenda is being driven by endless government socialist propaganda often under the banner of (a hijacked) feminism. The message is that we should embrace Huxley’s Brave New World where the family has been destroyed and the state controls everything, including childrearing. This is freedom, apparently. Relying on a man to EARN a wage through peaceful means and share it with you is oppression. Relying on the state to STEAL money at gunpoint (taxes) and share it with you for political/ social engineering reasons is ‘progress’ and ‘liberation’, apparently.

    In Huxley’s nightmare vision of society everyone believed the state was there to be served, and when anyone suffered mental health problems including exhibiting signs of individualism and free thought they are simply medicated back into servitude….

    …. how is that different to what we’re seeing today where kids who resist the state school indoctrination system are already being medicated back into line?

    Huxley was not a fiction writer, his books were a warning of what was being planned for society. He was a member of the elitist think tank the Fabian Society. He had access to the agenda through his membership to this exclusive club. He also gave speeches warning of what was being planned for society.

    “If you want to fix society love the living daylights out of your kids” – Stefan Molyneux

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