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childcare_walking_line_1600_wht_5665If like me you despair at some of the children’s names you hear at school or in the supermarket – not just the celebrity wannabe names but the made-up or hyphenated ones – then go to Iceland.

That’s the country, not Kerry Katona’s former employer. The land of fire and ice. Think hot water geysers, pure drinking water, the Blue Lagoon, Bjork, and volcanoes.

In Iceland most of the 270,000 population don’t have a family name. Children have a given name followed by their father’s name with sson or dottir added to it. So Thor has a son called Jon Thorsson and if he has a daughter Frida she’s called Frida Thorsdottir (daughter of Thor).

Simple? It means phone books list people by their first name and because there are no surnames as such they don’t use Mr or Mrs and just call people by their first names…

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  1. People have hyphenated names for several reasons. In British upper class society they evolved because marriage amongst those people are seen as business arrangements and the hyphenated name reflects both families. Show-biz women use the hyphen because they know all too well the stupidity of the average person and the short memories. These actresses don’t want to be quickly forgotten just because they have married. Also, no one in showbiz gets married thinking that it’s forever. More often than not they are simply looking for someone to father a child or two. As for the rest of the population who use the hyphen, it’s just a simple affectation, the wannabe thing.

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