Hey Big Xmas Spender

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Xmas is a stressful time of year not least because of what we spend, or feel we have to spend, on presents.

Times are hard and some families will limit gifts to close family or children.

Of course that doesn’t help if there is a tradition at work of buying colleagues gifts, although a Secret Santa with an agreed maximum spend is one way of limiting expenditure.

Several years ago Rosie Kinchen in the Sunday Times wrote about researchers who were trying to better understand shopping behaviours. A neuro-economist at New York University was using marshmallow type experiments about delayed gratification whilst using functional MRI machines to measure brain activity.

His results showed that different parts of the brain are active for those people who can’t wait compared with those who can.

So some people have “spender” brains and others don’t.

Does that mean you can’t do anything…

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