Mum’s a girl’s best friend – unless she’s dieting!

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We live in a world pre-occupied with body size, according to teen magazine Sugar which conducted a poll of 2,500 13 – 19 year-olds (in 2010).

Teenage girls are twice as likely to diet if their mother is constantly watching her weight. Comments from parents, attitudes of friends, and pictures of size zero models are said to influence 15% of teenage girls to diet regularly.

Mothers who comment on slim celebrity shapes definitely influence their daughters. And for those teenage girls with mothers constantly on diets 35%begin to see calorie counting as a way of life.

93% of the 2,500 girls surveyed said they worried about their weight and 3 out of 4 said their friends go on diets. Half said their family comment on what they eat and a quarter said they had a friend with an eating disorder.

Children develop their values and attitudes to…

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