Stress Less

Stress is on the increase, doubling since the recession  began 4 years ago.

And Xmas is coming which is a major source of stress for many people with expectations about presents and consequent financial demands on over-stretched budgets. Not to mention the cost of being nice to people you don’t normally socialise with.

Here’s a link to my tips for coping with stress at Xmas I posted last year

Also check out my 1-minutes stress buster


One thought on “Stress Less

  1. intervention for depression says:

    I have been in Iraq for perfectly around a year and though I have
    been rather significantly out of harm’s way for the most aspect, it has been a tough yr emotionally. I have not been diagnosed with depression in advance of mainly because I in no way experienced a psychiatrist or everyone of that nature, nevertheless, I can tell you that for a very good element of 10 years, I’ve been owning
    a sequence of depression which very last for various times.
    . . Right here in Iraq, it’s been the most well known. I would get depressed and sense vacant within and this will previous for a week and then I would sense g for a month and get depressed for one more month and come to feel greater for a couple of weeks. Normally, my depression is unexpected. I would be at perform and I will really feel fine and then all of a sudden I would really feel this uncontrollable saddness and empty feeling inside me. Almost like disappointment or like I misplaced one thing. Which would gradually convert into iritability and hostility and again to silence yet again. . . I want to see a real psyciatrist but never know what to do. Thanks..

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