Toys – non-gender specific?

Harrods has followed Hamleys example of having a non-gender specific toy department.

It will probably be an uphill struggle wresting dolls away from girls and getting them interested in train sets but there are campaigners out there such as Pink Stinks and Dr Laura Nelson, who led the campaign against Hamleys and runs gender stereotype projects in schools, determined to do it.

Dr Nelson, who describes herself as an innovator and communications expert and is a member of the Fabian Women’s Network, has obviously taking a very political stance on these matters and in the process generated a lot of publicity for herself, her blog, and her PC ideas.

She believes gender stereotyping puts pressure on children to pursue the route in life consistent with their stereotype.

I think it’s a load of  nonsense and she should try telling that to the women serving in Afghanistan or playing football this week in the Olympics. It would also be interesting to see exactly which toys were bought by boys and girls.

Instead of messing about with the way toy stores display their wares why don’t they have a go at some of the “stars” perpetuating these products in the first place e.g. Katie Price and her pink products and even Lego’s new pink range.

See also my earlier post on Pink stuff and Boys will be Boys


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