Caffeine everywhere

You know I love my coffee, and not for me the skinny de-caff variety – what’s the point?

I also love my green tea with a slice of lemon and honey ( a habit I picked up in Lithuania after I got fed up of them putting hot milk in my tea!)

Anyway, I’m grateful to the Times magazine this weekend for identifying exactly how much caffeine we get in our various drinks. So here it is:

  • Starbucks venti filter = 410mg
  • Tall latte, extra shot = 225mg
  • Brewed coffee = 150 mg per cup
  • Red Bull = 80mg per can
  • Expresso = 75mg per shot
  • Tea = 65mg per cup
  • Dark chocolate = 50mg per bar
  • ProPlus = 50mg per tablet
  • Diet Coke = 42mg per can
  • Green tea = 30mg per cup

They also say the recommended limit is 400mg per day but it depends on your state of health


2 thoughts on “Caffeine everywhere

  1. […] are drinking coffee so it’s good to know that there are some positive health effects and caffeine is found in a whole range of food and […]

  2. […] The Chairman of the Tea Council, William Gorman, says we still drink tea because we know it’s good for us (so is coffee by the way). He syas it calms our muscles, hydrates us, and has less caffeine than coffee. […]

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