Coffee gets competitive

Are you a Costa, Nero, or a Starbucks coffee lover?

We all have our favourites. For me Caffè Nero is too strong and Starbucks is too weak so I plump for Costa.

Starbucks has just announced that it will be providing a free extra shot in all it’s espresso-based drinks after they found that there had been a 60% increase in the number of customers paying 35p for an extra shot.

It’s a bold move which means they are forfeiting £70k a week in revenues in the hope of denting Costa’s market domination.

Although I prefer Costa I have one little niggle. You get 2, 3, and 4 shots of espresso as you move from the small to the large size. You have to pay for extra shots but if, like me, you only want 3 shots in a large drink you don’t get it any cheaper.


2 thoughts on “Coffee gets competitive

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