Soldiers keen to teach

Last year the Education secretary announced plans to recruit ex-soldiers as teachers following good results from a similar scheme in America.

His ‘Troops to Teachers” scheme has already attracted applications from over a hundred veterans and 4,000 others have made enquiries. The most popular subjects are maths, history and PE.

This initiative comes at a time of severe defence cuts and will give them a chance to continue to serve their country in a different way according to Michael Gove, the Education Secretary. He says “They have many of the virtues parents across the country feel have disappeared from our schools and need to be restored: self-discipline; a sense of purpose; and a belief in the importance of working as a team”.

In addition to the soldier-teachers about a hundred other non-graduate soldiers are being trained as mentors to work in difficult schools and some non-graduates may be trained up as instructors so they can work in the classroom.

Charlie Taylor, the government adviser on behaviour, also thinks it’s a good idea. He said “In the army you have often got working class people who didn’t have a great go in their education who have amazing qualities in terms of self-discipline, teamwork, (and) leadership. There is a huge untapped resource”.

Not everyone is happy of course. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers think it’s a “ridiculous idea for people to teach without formal teacher training”.

You could say they would say that but they have a point. However there is too much evidence that the current system produces some poor teachers who in turn produce poor results which blight our children’s lives so something has to change.


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  1. […] Michael Gove first suggested bringing ex-military personnel into school  in 2012 when he was education secretary and I blogged about it at the time. […]

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