Talking therapies now OK

The Brits are definitely losing their stiff upper lips.More than 80% of us now believe that “it’s good to talk” and better than taking medication.

Almost 95% believe that we should seek counselling or psychotherapy before our problem gets out of hand.

And 1 in 5  people have consulted a counsellor or psychotherapist and half  know someone who has.

In a survey by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, they say six years ago only two-thirds of us believed in seeking this kind of help for depression or anxiety and only half thought it appropriate after a divorce or relationship breakdown. Those figures are now 94% and 85%.

Government statistics show that over a million people a year receive treatment for mental health problems. Those with neurotic disorders were more likely to be women aged between 35 and 54, separated or divorced, and living alone as single parents.

Many people believe that there is not enough talking therapy and doctors are too reliant on medication that treats the symptoms but doesn’t get to grips with the causes and with 39 million prescriptions a year for depression you can see their point.

Originally part of a post by EI4U


One thought on “Talking therapies now OK

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