When the kids leave home..

Feeling 10 years younger with more free time, and a better sex life?

More time for hobbies and travel, keeping fit, and making new friends because you’re spending less time cooking, cleaning and tidying up?

That’s what 80% of parents said when their kids finally left home – according to a survey of 2,000 parents whose children had recently gone to university.

Some were even hundreds of pounds better off as they had rented out their kids’ rooms to lodgers.

It’s not always good news however. Some parents are worried about their children being able to look after themselves when they leave home – eating properly and managing their money.

And for some parents once their children leave it might be the only thing they had in common so their relationship is at risk.

But don’t count your chickens too soon.

Unless they have left home for good there is always the holidays when they come back and disrupt newly-discovered lifestyles or even the boomerang children who return to live at their parents’ home because they haven’t got a job.

Originally posted by MikethePsych in September 2010


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