Sexist Superheroes not good role models

Saving the world is not enough.

Superheroes are poor role models says a Professor of Mental Health at The University of Massachusetts – speaking at an American Psychological Association symposium on masculinity and boyhood.

Sharon Lamb says people can look up to Superman and Spiderman as “real people with real problems” (sometimes I wonder about fellow psychologists).

Iron Man and Batman however, who originally fought criminals, are now portrayed as; “sexist, aggressive sociopaths gorging on non-stop violence”.

She says that they don’t teach boys about love as that seems to be the superheroes only weakness.

The alternative seems to be a slacker lifestyle and neither provide good role models for boys.

Batman was always my favourite but thinking about that “dark knight” stuff maybe she has a point. Now what about Wonder Woman?

2 thoughts on “Sexist Superheroes not good role models

  1. […] So with an increasing number of lone parent families and no male teachers many children are brought up without male role models. They can’t even turn to fantasy figures any more as these are seen as sociopathic and violent (see “Sexist superheroes”). […]

  2. […] know there are problems with role models for boys (see “Superheroes not good role models”) but this family seem to going to the other extreme. His mother has been encouraging him to think […]

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