Go to work on an egg again

Eggs are good again.

It’s official. Apparently eggs don’t contain as much cholesterol as previously thought – only “clinically insignificant amounts”.

They have also been found to contain more vitamins than previously.

This is probably because the hens are being fed better – which is good news for hens and the people who eat eggs.

The research, published in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Bulletin, was originally greeted with scepticism as the research was funded by the egg industry.

However it turns out that the British Heart Foundation had revised its own recommendations 2 years ago and removed the upper limit of 3 eggs a week unless you have a genetic condition for high cholesterol.

So you can now have an egg every day – as long as it’s part of a balanced diet low in saturated fats. So maybe the bacon and egg butty is not quite as healthy as I wanted it to be after all?

In any case only about 1/3 of our cholesterol comes from what we eat – and then from saturated fats in cakes, fatty meat, and full fat dairy products, not from eggs. Smoking, being overweight, and lack of exercise are other contributory factors.

If you want to see the original “Go to work on an egg” adverts from the 1950s featuring Tony Hancock click here

Originally posted February 2011


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