Having daughters depends on diet

Breast might be best for boys but having a boy in the first place is a different matter.

However some experts believe you can strongly influence the sex of your baby by eating the right mix of foods.

A study suggests that women who eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and rice, are more likely to have daughters.

In a study reported in the Sunday Times (2/1/11) 80% of women who took part in the experiment had baby girls after eating diets rich in calcium and magnesium, supplemented by tablets for 9 weeks before conception. They avoided potatoes which are high in potassium, believed to increase the likelihood of having a baby boy.

Now the researchers at Gender Consult, which collaborated with Delft and Maastricht universities, believe that women can dramatically increase their chances of having daughters. The 5-year project published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online started with 172 couples who only had 2 daughters between them but 358 sons. 32 couples completed the programme.

In addition to the diet, which had to begin 9 weeks before the planned conception, they were monitored to identify peak ovulation times and told to have sex three or four days before that time to give the slower moving female chromosome-carrying sperm chance to get to the eggs before the male sperm beat them to it.

In the end 26 of the 32 mothers had daughters and the other  6 had boys. They now plan to run a similar project to alter diet for women wanting boys and have been looking at British research which links the conception of boys to high levels of potassium and sodium.

It is believed that the mineral content in women’s blood affects the unfertilised eggs making them more receptive to either male or female sperm. The mineral content of the man’s blood has no effect on the sex of the baby whatsoever.

When I first posted this in January I’d just learned that Posh Spicewas pregnant and wanted a girl this time. Not sure what she ate whilst trying to get pregnant and of course I’m making a big assumption that she actually eats, but it obviously worked for her.

Source: BBC News item re chances of a girl


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