Girls – warm them up for best results!

If you are male and have ever shared an office with females the chances are you have disagreed about the ideal room temperature.

As women generally have more flexibility about what they can wear at work this always seemed unfair.

Now the Girls’ Day School Trust has published a list of tips to help girls do better at school. And the first one is turn up the temperature!

Apparently girls do better if their classroom is warmed to 24C whereas boys learn better at 21C because of the different ways temperature affects the nervous system. What makes girls more responsive to learning can make boys slothful.

The guide also suggests that girls learn better in smaller, more intimate surroundings, and learn better in 60 minute chunks compared to 30 minutes for boys.

And girls feel intimidated when questions are asked in mixed groups as boys respond 75% of the time. Probably determined to get a word in whilst they can.

But going back to  my first point – the raised temperature idea might explain a lot but means that women will have a better argument to turn up the thermostat.


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